• Dual Detox Machine

Dual Ionic Foot Detox Machine

The Dual Ionic Detox Foot Bath is a detox water bath that cleanses, balances and enhances the bio-energy present in the body. This energy is the electromagnetic force that is stored inside the body and utilized by our cells.
The Dual Detox Foot Bath is basically used to increase energy (both physical and mental), vitality and stamina, at the same time, it purges (detoxifies) the body of toxins, chemicals, radiation, pollution, synthetics, and other foreign materials trapped in the tissues of the body that hinders the body's self cleansing mechanism. This internal cleansing includes parasite cleansing and liver detoxification, which results in less body fluid retention, reduced inflammation, improved memory, greater bladder control, a more balanced pH, a stronger immune system and significant pain relief, including headaches, gout and arthritis pain.

Product Features

Power: AC 100V-240V, 60W
Dimensions: 41 * 29 * 16 cm
Largest display for detox spa in the market.
Five programmed "+" & "-" polarities detox mode or setting customized to fit individual needs.
Graphic display of each detox mode
Far Infrared Ray used with the bamboo charcoal waist belt can help with:- Decreases joint stiffness.- Relieves muscle spasms.- Increases blood flow.- Leads to pain relief.- Affects soft tissue injury.- Increases the extensibility of collagen tissue.- Assists in resolution of inflammatory infiltrated edema and exudes.

Package Contents

1 x Dual Ionic Detox Foot SPA (Cleanse Machine)
2 x Array (1 could be used for 30-40 sessions)
2 x Far-Infrared Ray Waist Belt
2 x Wrist Band
1 x Power Cord
1 x Aluminum Carrying Case
1 x User Manual
Size: inner box:15.5 * 30.5 * 38.5 (cm)
weight: net weight: 4.4 (kg)


As part of the Services of Naturopathy Healthcare, we offer Ionic detox foot bath therapy. Many people would like to try the therapy but, before investing time and money, they have questions. Here is some information.

What are the benefits of detox foot baths?

  • Purging of heavy metals
  • A more balanced pH level
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Purging of yeast
  • Detoxifying the liver
  • Internal cleansing with full-body purge
  • Liver, kidney, and parasite cleansing
  • Enhancing the immune system

Who can benefit from ionic detox foot baths?

This is a safe therapy for anyone over the age of 10 years, except for those who wear a pacemaker or have seizures. This is suggested therapy for people who have accumulated many stored toxins and are not able to get rid of them efficiently, due to overworked liver, spleen, and kidney functions. This is especially recommended therapy for those who take a lot of medications. The ionic detox foot bath does not eliminate beneficial medications from the body.

What is an ionic detox foot bath?

An ionic detox foot bath is a natural method of assisting the body in eliminating harmful toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful foreign matter.

What can I expect after a detox foot bath session?

Most people will feel relaxed, balanced, and focused. There is usually no pain. People who suffer from excessive toxicity may experience some discomfort as their bodies release toxins from the tissues for elimination. After a detox foot bath, clients are encouraged to drink plenty of water to assist with making elimination easier and more comfortable. Some people may experience fatigue or headache after a session.

What is a detox foot bath session like?

During a session the client sits in a comfortable chair. Most individuals find the experience VERY relaxing and it is not unusual for the client to fall asleep. The session takes about 30–40 minutes. Some people may experience a slight tickling or tingling sensation from the ionic detox foot bath.

Detox foot baths are extremely beneficial for the following 7 reasons:

1) Enhancing the immune system
2) Assist in recovery time from injuries and surgery
3) Can relieve pain and joint stiffness due to arthritis
4) Improves sleep pattern
5) Remove heavy metals
6) Removes blood clot material
7) Improve liver and kidney function and much more

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Dual Detox Machine

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