About Kedi Healthcare


Kedi Healthcare Nigeria Limited is a subsidiary of Kedi Healthcare China. Our 5000 years of history, 7000 herbs of Traditional Chinese Medicine are known worldwide. TCM serves as the major contributors to the world healthcare with unique diagnostic methods, systematic approach; abundant historical materials and literature which has attracted many attentions from the International Community.

Kedi Healthcare has been providing health and wealth opportunities to everyone that has joined the family or have taken advantage of the Healthcare Products and services we provide.

Do you want to start a very profitable, practical and part time Network Marketing business in Nigeria and earn extra money? But don’t have huge capital to invest or you lack the time to do a full-time business?

Well Kedi Healthcare offers you an opportunity to start a profitable part-time business for next to nothing and start earning as much as you want monthly.

You can equally work from home and Create wealth by helping others get well. No experience or qualification is required. All that is required is a minimum capital of N4000.00

MLM is one of the best businesses in the world

Multilevel Marketing business is the business that uses modern distribution system to sell products. Different from Traditional business, the independent distributors can buy products directly from the MLM company and sell them to customers. And with a good compensation plan, distributors can build their own networks and get revenue according to the network sales. MLM business is one of the best businesses; millionaires are emerging through MLM business every year.

How Do I Start?

The first thing you need to do to guarantee a steady income with Kedi business is to register with 2,500 naira. And that is all that is required of you monetarily, other things you need to do is to share Kedi testimonies. Attend Seminars and become knowledgeable in recommending the products.

What is Kedi Testimonies?

Kedi produce herbal products that takes care of various ailments, the products are curative, restorative and preventive. Most often the Products speak for itself because it attracts testimonies from users and users will always send more people to you to get the products once it works for them.

How Do I Get the Testimonies?

All you have to do to gain the Testimonies is to use the product and testify to its efficacy, you can also share the products with members of your family and get their testimonies to share. Once you are registered, a kit will be given to you that contains the entire products and the compensation plan of the company, you are supposed to study the materials and watch the video to master the information contain therein.

What Do you Do with the Testimonies?

All you are requested to do is to share the information with everyone around you, once they are interested, you sign them up and they also do the same.

How to Make Money with Kedi

If for the first one month you purchased products worth of 250BV, an equivalent of N70, 000.00 in your name, you will be promoted to level 3. At level 3 you earn 20% from everyone that is referred by you.

Kedi Training and Empowerment

Here we train people on how to live healthy and earn good money while enjoying life. Have you ever imagine taking care of yourself and your love ones while you are being paid for it without letter of employment. This is exactly what Kedi business is all about. All you need to do is to use our products, share the news and get paid for sharing the news.

You are now being invited to join the multinational company where thousands of Nigerians have been making money doing what they enjoy without stress, the highest paid consultants are earning over 5 Million Naira monthly while several others earn an average of N350,000 monthly, you determine what you earn simply by the number of people you introduce.

What are Kedi Advantages?

·         Earn from Direct and Indirect activities

·         Opportunity to make placements

·         Kedi products are not hawked by the roadside,

·         Kedi does not force products on distributors

·         No compulsory monthly purchase

·         Use it and share the testimonies

·         Get paid for helping others live healthy

·         An Amazing way to earn six figure incomes

·         Travel Opportunity round the globe

·         Car Award, you can qualify for more than once

·         Three Bedroom flat building award for all

·         You keep earning even while you are dead

·         Free Training

·         No Experience is required to start the business

·         No compulsory monthly purchase

·         Kedi has natural herbal products without side effects and there are testimonies about the efficacy of our products.

·         You will have time freedom

·         And gain Financial Freedom

And, get this … these guys are no smarter than you are!

They get out of bed in the morning and put on their clothes the same way you and I do.

The Secret is now Revealed!


To become an International distributor with KEDI, you need only N4,000 to acquire the ID card and the Educative manuals you start your business as star 1 Distributor. Kedi products have point values. As you purchase products you accumulate point values for yourself. As your points increases so does your status. By the time you have secured 250 points you become a star 3 Distributor, which qualifies you to start earning 20% bonus for monthly Achievements. As you build up downlines through more sponsorship so also does your direct bonus percentage increase from 25% for star 4, 30% for star 5, 35% for star 6, 40% for star 7, 45% for star 8. There are Honorary awards raging from cars to leadership Bonus. The rising continues till one begins to share from the global profit of the Company.

Each distributor has two basic Jobs: (1) To sell the company’s products or services and (2) To recruit more distributors to sell the company’s products or services.

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