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About Kedi Healthcare

KEDI Healthcare Industries Nigeria Limited was established by Mr William Zhao in 2005. A wholly owned subsidiary of Kedi Healthcare Industries Company (Hong Kong) Ltd. It is a giant conglomerate with business interests in the pharmaceutical sectors in China. Kedi Healthcare Industries Nigeria Ltd is in partnership with Fidson Healthcare (an indigenous pharmaceutical company listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange) to aid local production of their herbal health products.

Kedi Healthcare Company Growth

In the early years, the company commenced the sale of about 10 products with less than ten distribution outlets. In 2007, its growth and product acceptability led to a rapid growth and expansion. Product Service Centers increased to 100. At this same time, the company President Mr. William Zhao was building strong business relationships with other big companies that can complement them.

In 2008, a wholly owned subsidiary, KEDI Healthcare (Ghana) Limited was formed. This led to an increase in the business scope of KEDI Health in the African continent. The business was introduced to the Republic of Benin, a French-speaking West-African country in 2010. The same year, due to high demand and the quality nature of the products, KEDI  distribution network increased to 200 outlets and 100,000 active distributors.

Despite strong policies regards new product registration, compliance to strict regulations ensured that KEDI Health introduced 14 new products including healthcare equipment in addition to her current product lines.

Throughout the following years, KEDI established sound professional relationships with major pharmaceutical companies, including a joint venture with AOBO Inc. to form AOBO-KEDI Bioengineering (South-Africa) Limited in 2013 and this led to a growth in sales turnover. In 2014, the company moved to a new head office and the company’s third branch office was launched against stiff competition. Alongside, individual distributor numbers increased and presence in over ten countries was established within the same period the same time.

In 2015, significant growth was evidenced in the product lines. Kedi Healthcare Qinghao malaria therapy was recognised globally as Youyou Tu who discovered this treatment was awarded a Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine. Till date, the products has helped fight malaria in various African countries especially in areas where there is resistance.